Undoubtedly the best workshop in India to manage your Midlife

The same life and career that you had been enjoying all the while seems suddenly irritating. Your goals are still hanging somewhere in the middle and your health, money, friends, love and life seems to get cloudier by the day. You are looking for newer alternatives to do more things, and our habits are not letting us change and be flexible enough to move ahead.
And believe me, you are not alone.
Lots of you, passing though this middle age, have gone through this unbalancing experience.
And some of you have found MidlifeMantra and have conquered the crisis.

Midlife Transition Management with Ashish Sehgal

Midlife Mantra helps you understand the dynamics of mid-life, and lets you find, within yourself, the solutions and ways to not only cope with the crisis, but also come out of with like a re-birth and newly found freedom.
Trust your instincts, if they tell you that you need our help, just call us for a personal talk with Ashish Sehgal. ( +91 9810188629 )
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