Midlife Mantra is conceived as a solution for thousand of those who wish to move to the next level in life. It is brought to you by Ashish Sehgal and his team of expert psychologists, NLP Masters and Practitioners. With decades of experience working as  head of BusinessUniv, Ashish, along with his team, has been instrumental in helping thousands of people who have faced midlife crisis.

As you read this, someone somewhere may be going under extreme pressure and conflict. You too, may have felt the same, at times. Midlife is a fact. And so are the conflicts that arise within self. You are mature, and experienced enough to know that you require some hand holding. You have been looking for guidance. You too, have discovered Midlife Mantra, like thousands of others.  You are curious to know how Midlife Mantra can help you. Simply fill the form on the right side ( or bottom, if you are reading on a mobile device) of this page.  We are just a call away :)

A word about Ashish Sehgal

His informal style of coaching will put you at ease and his practical and creative ways to put things in perspective help you to re-discover yourself.  Compassion and enthusiasm in his coaching brings the best out in you. You would find his sense of integrity helpful to you, to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneur, personal & professional midlife coach Ashish Sehgal is the founder of AceGenesis, a technology company. He is also the brain behind BusinesUniv –trainings and transformations brand.  With years of life experience and an internationally certified NLP Practitioner, he looks for the quickest and most suitable methods to resolve inner issues, with any already available set of resources with you. You can also read his writings can be seen on his blog – AshishSehgal.com

 The Benefits of  Midlife Crisis Management

As we arrive at our middle age we find ourselves in new territory in work, relationships, life goals, career objectives and so on. This is also a period in life when the things that have been going on smoothly so far do not seem that way anymore and you find yourself at odds with everything around you. It is not uncommon to find people of this age coming up with sudden problems like health issues, career breakups, and their goals and so on.

If you are facing problems like this, you are undergoing a midlife crisis period and need appropriate counseling to get yourself back on track. ‘Such counseling will enable you to gain more acceptances towards the problems that you are facing in life and as a result you can manage them better. You will get yourself more organized and also manage your relationships with far fewer problems because of the way you have come round to understanding people and their emotions.

Why do I need Midlife Crisis Management?

Getting the right assistance to deal with your midlife crisis problems can make a lot of difference in you at this age. You will be able to bring back the energy that you once had in all your activities and you will also deal with the daily stress with much better success. Here is a look at the benefits offered in taking up midlife counseling sessions:

  1. Resolve your personal conflicts in life
  2. Get on track with managing your career and / or personal objective
  3. Engage in better lifestyle activities and manage health in a more better way
  4. Manage stress in such a way that you never let it get to you
  5. Manage changes in emotions in a much better way

Without adequate guidance you will not be able to get through the everyday life problems and challenges you face in a proper manner. As a result, the stress will get into you and you can encounter more emotional and physical problems. By taking up counseling for midlife crisis management, you will be able to accept the problems that you have to deal with and can also come out with good solutions in your relationships by which you can make yourself successful. The counseling sessions can be accessed through workshops else they can be availed through a one-on-one coaching sessions.

The Midlife Mantra sessions are very powerful because they are geared to motivate you towards changing your attitude so that you can deal with life’s problems with much more expertise than before. If you allowed stress to affect your everyday work or your relationship, it will not bother you at all. This kind of beneficial result enables you to gain the best out of your life and also brings forth much more happiness. By taking such solutions, you are able to reach the goals that you want to achieve and are able to do it with greater efficiency and also manage relationships in a much better way.

Midlife Mantra is a workshop program that you need today.

Let us know how we can help you. Tell us your objectives and our expert coaches will call you back.

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