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Your decision to attend the Midlife Mantra Workshop is the turning point in your life.

You have been smart and intelligent all these years; and have been an achiever. You have worked hard and grown in your life faster.  But somewhere you lacked the skill to introspect yourself or to manage people around you. And now, you see that people have started managing you, and you do not like this control shifting out of your hand.

Sometimes, sudden changes that brought pain and grief seem to linger on and on, taking over the more important parts of your life. And then you decide to live the life to its fullest, swinging between extremes.

It is time to take things in your own hands, before life slips by. All you need is a new set of tools in your mind, that helps you to live wonderfully, and a winner.

Our workshops are help in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. You can choose to attend any of these. You can also choose to take personal sessions with Ashish Sehgal, your trusted midlife mantra coach.

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