Conquering the Crisis

Becoming aware and accepting any crisis is your first step to conquer it!

You are in an age when your physical self, your mental make-up and your  spirit are all working to achieve an altogether different maturity level. You are evolving into a strong, integrated and highly independent person.

womanbeachMidlife is that time in your life when you want, and try to correct what you felt went wrong. To gain what you feel you lost. To do, what you felt you never did before.  There maybe times when you do not like your job, or your relationships reach a rough spot. You start feeling the need of more space around you. You start either closing yourself down, or suddenly start mixing up with new people. Some of your change the way you look, and work on experimenting with your appearances. This all, and many more such things are a part of finding a way to re-invent yourself, during your midlife.

Time… is running out!

The feeling the ‘Time is running out’ and you are no longer 25 triggers a chain of events and actions, and the mind runs like a crazy horse, while the body no longer synchronizes with it. Your hair start thinning out, and wrinkles outgrow the feeling of being mature. Becoming more health conscious, taking the membership of a local health club feels helpful, but you sometimes don’t get as regular as you want to be.

It is time to drop many judgments, practice awareness & acceptance, taking your own time to blossom.

Sometimes, due to multiple reasons around in our environment, you may find it difficult to cope with the stress and anxiety at this age. And if it so, it is time to take an action. When the first feel of mid-life crisis comes, just wake up and ensure that you take a step towards something that enhances self-belief, and trains you to live more maturely, happily and successfully.

Midlife Crisis can be a very painful experience sometimes. It can be daunting, discouraging and depressing. Any of these symptoms, and you know that it is time for taking things in your hands. It is time for Midlife Mantra.


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